Things are disappearing, including the crossword puzzle solver

Technology has made everything easy

We have, in today’s world, many options to entertain ourselves. With the onslaught of technology, one need never move from his couch every again to stimulate his brain. TVs, Internet, Smart Phones, Laptops; all that one needs to do now is press a button and demand to get entertained.And quiet often, that demand is met. Images of children sitting in their homes glued to their TV sets or in front of their smart phones, which their parents bought them ever so willingly as a babysitter, are becoming common place. And why only kids? One can even see adults glued to their screens and sitting on their couches without moving an inch for hours on end. All this leading not only to the lack of life lessons and knowledge that the people of yester years used to get by venturing outside and taking part in creative and healthy past times.

crossword puzzle answers

One has forgotten how the family used to so often go out to grab a meal at their favorite restaurant or how they used to go to the park every evening to take a stroll. All that people do now is perhaps binge watch their favorite show on the internet or watch movies on demand from the comfort of their homes; not even bothering to visit the movie halls. Don’t get me wrong; these are all perfectly good past times and enjoyable. But none of them can replace the feeling of, say, the whole family coming together for a game night and playing board games all night long. Pulling out your smartphone and reading the news online cannot replace the feeling of taking a pencil and trying to find out the daily crossword puzzle answers.

Is it really the same?

These habits used to add a dash of charm and pleasure to one’s day. Sitting with your morning coffee with the newspaper in hand, squinting to see if your crossword quiz answers fit into the boxes that remain. Perhaps sharing this moment with a loved one. These are all life’s guilty pleasures which cannot be replaced by staring at a screen shooting frames after frames of virtual images that you seek out.