Best Features for Your Best Hair Straightener

The salon market is full with numerous beauty products. The ease of online market has baffled the consumer more wisely.

Now at this juncture, if you are confused with the question, “which is the best Hair straightener to be bought?” apart from fixing a budget, or, choosing among the brands perhaps few more things are to be considered. The features are nothing but the newest of the technologies that has upgraded the feel of using the gadgets. Websites like isa professional gives detailed features of all it products for better understanding for its customers. Some of the features which are to be considered for your best buy are given below.

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Features of Hair Straighteners:

  1. Plate Material:

Ceramic and tourmaline-coated plates are the safest and popular choice among consumers around the world. These coatings provide even distribution of heat across the point of contact causing smoothening of the hair.

  1. Plate Width:

Various plate widths e.g. 30mm is most common. This parameter is related to the straightening and time consumption, the wider the plates the less time it will need to straighten the hair.

  1. Temperature and heat Regulator:

The heating parameter with varied temperature control or constant heating at 210-220 ˚C is available. It is recommended if the product is to be used for dyed, weak or thin hair then low temperature is best, and if it is to be used for thick and curly hair then higher temperature is used.

  1. Heat Time:

Heat time ranges from 60-30sec. According to the user it must be selected.

  1. Auto Shutoff:

The thermostatic features of auto shutoff are always very helpful for the user.

  1. Warranty:

1 – 2 years warranty is average.

Online professional hair styling platforms like contain proper product details.