Bandar Q an online gambling game for winners to play on the internet

Bandar Q is an online traveling game where all the players playing the game are entitled to become a bookie only if the funds kept at stake are sufficient enough. As we know that for a table of 1000 a minimum stake of $50,000 must be placed as a bet in order to become a Bandar.

How has the internet helped Bandar Q?

The internet is swarming with online gambling games such as Domino QQ, Adu Q etc., where the players place his/her bet by sitting behind a computer. The players of a Bandar Q table are given a 2-piece card and is played by a maximum of 8 players with one bookie.

bandar q

How is the game played? A brief summary of the rule

The points on the cards are measured by the small spherical illustrations made on the card. The players are allowed to peek into their cards and finally show them open to all the other players. The values of a Bandar Q card are measured by counting the number of spheres of both the cards owned by the players. When the total number of dots on both the cards exceed more than 9 then the point is reduced by 10 points whereas when the sum of both the cards exceeds 19, it is reduced by 20 points.

Things to keep in mind to understand it better

It is also to be noted that if the number of players is limited to 2 and there is 1 Bandar playing on the table, player 1 will have 2 cards, player 2 shall have 8 cards and the Bandar will have 7 cards in all. So accordingly, player 1 will have to pay to the city and player 2 will receive his bet from the Bandar. The same applies for players 3,4,5,6 and 7. The smallest value of both the cards combined is 0 while the greatest of the both is a 9 and when a player from the table gets the value of a 9, he is paid double his bet and when the dealer and the player cards are a tie and a complete match, the city is said to win the game.

Choosing from other alternative gambling games isn’t a poor choice either, is it?

There are so many online gambling sites with so many online poker game to play like Domino QQ, Adu Q, Bandar Sakong etc. to put your stakes up and to place your bets on the games. Don’t just rely on a single website, who knows what destiny has for you, so go on and put on your money robe and place your bets today.