An Introduction to Kratom Powder What is Kratom?

As of August 31, 2016, the Federal Register of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has issued a notice making the psychoactive constituents of Mitragyna speciosa or commonly known as kratom, a controlled yet legal substance. But before we know more about how to intake or anything more about this plant drug, let us know what it is.


Kratom is a plant whose habitat is the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo and more. The botanical name for this plant is Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom can be put in the same family as caffeine plants, such as coffee (Rubiaceae). The leaves of this Kratom have been used since time immemorial as an herbal drug by the natives of these Southeast Asian countries.


This herbal drug is efficient as:

  • Painkiller
  • Medicine to cure diarrhea
  • Sedative
  • Cure for opiate addiction
  • Cure for arthritis
  • Cures fibromyalgia
  • Cures restless leg syndrome


How to intake Kratom?

There are many ways one can intake kratom, let us look into ways you can intake kratom with ease:

  • Natives have been consuming this drug by chewing the fresh kratom leaves by just removing the central vein from the leaves.
  • One can crush and make a powder out of the dried leaves.
  • These powdered Kratom leaves can be mixed with water, tea, milk and more than being consumed easily by drinking.
  • Powdered kratom can also be consumed by making a mixture of applesauce and yogurt.
  • Dried and crushed leaves of kratom can also be used to make tea, and the leaves can then be drained out and drank. Kratom can also be mixed with other tea leaves, and one can use sweetener or honey for taste.

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