All you need to know about Protein Powders

Gaining muscles is the reason why many people tend to consume protein powder. But there is a little bit controversy on the effectiveness of the powder. Studies say that consumption of an excess amount of protein has more side effects than positive effects.

Does it help in building muscles?

It is true that protein is responsible for the building of muscles as well as for many other functions of the body. But it is a wrong notion that the more you consume protein, the more muscles you can build. The most important thing you should be aware of is that eating only protein and excluding all the other essential nutrients will lead to nowhere. The outcome of it will be zero. When you are doing stressful physical activities at the gym or being resistant to some external force, that is the time when your muscles go through wear and tear, and here protein helps in rebuilding or healing those muscles, and this is how your muscles​ grow big. If you are thinking of building up muscles just by relaxing all-around the day and consuming protein, then you are wrong, this is never going to happen.


The growth of muscles need sufficient amount of protein intake, and the majority of the people get it through the intake of different food sources. So taking supplements is not for everyone. The Americans always take protein in an amount which is far higher than the amount which is recommended for people. And for them adding extra protein to their food is of no use. To get the optimum benefit, you need to consume complex carbohydrates, so that it can be broken down to fuel muscles and the free protein will help in the synthesis of the muscles.


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